Is Taiko Performance In A Japanese Style Wedding A Good Idea?

Yes, yes and a big yes! A Taiko Performance in a Japanese Style wedding will be an awesome idea. You can probably have some Taiko drummers perform at the reception to honor the Japanese culture. Or, you can let them perform at the time of exchanging rings! This will make the wedding look like a traditional ceremony, and most of your guests will certainly enjoy it. As Taiko performances have reduced considerably, having one on your wedding will certainly make your special day a unique one. Moreover, not to forget the pride you will have to make this expensive tradition as a part of your wedding!

Here are some videos of Taiko performance in weddings:

The Four Principles of Taiko Performance

During the Taiko performance, drummers do not merely use the Taiko as an instrument. Their main aim is to form a connection between the drum and themselves. They believe that if the below mentioned four principles are conquered then they have achieved success:

  • Musical technique: It refers to the way the drums are to be played. It makes the drummers learn how hard or soft they need to hit the drums. Or, how fast or slow they need to play.
  • Attitude: This refers to having respect for one’s self, other drummers, and the numerous instruments. This principle brings about a discipline of the body and the mind.
  • Energy (Ki): It is the energy that flows through every drummer. They put their entire energy in playing the drums.
  • Form (Kata): This is where they learn how to stand and how to move. This principle is important to show the strength and grace of the drummer.

These principles make the drummers achieve the ultimate expression of Taiko.

Traditional Japanese Wedding

A traditional Japanese wedding involves numerous ceremonies and traditions, but most of these have now disappeared. However, the rituals that are still found in the modern weddings are the bride wearing a shiromuku and the guests dressing up formally. A traditional Japanese wedding dress is called as shiromuku, which is made of silk and usually woven in intricate patterns. The dress is white colored and is very heavy. Here are some tips to follow while attending a Japanese wedding:

  • If you receive a wedding invitation card for a Japanese wedding reception, then you are supposed to reply back with a thank you card while informing them whether you will be able to attend the wedding or not.
  • The only gift that you are expected to present the bride and the groom is cash. You can put the money in a fancy envelope, which is known as shugi-bukuro. The amount depends on the relationship that you have with the couple.
  • You will even be given an opportunity to say a wedding speech or sing a song for the couple, so ensure that you are well-prepared with it. All family members and friends stand up at one point or the other to wish the couple happiness forever.

So, once you are invited for a Japanese Wedding, and if the couple is extremely close to you, then you can even plan for few Taiko drummers to perform at the wedding reception and make it a memorable event.