Best Places To Take Taiko Classes In The UK

Taiko is a dynamic art form that appeals to many people. It is not confined to Japan but has gained a lot of popularity across the globe. If you are residing in the UK, then here are the top five classes where you could learn the amazing Taiko art:

Mugen Taiko Dojo, Scotland

Mugen Taiko Dojo is a Taiko training centre that is based in Scotland. They run training programs, residential workshops, and also outreach to schools across the UK. The students that get qualified from their training centre, and wish to become full-time professional drummers can join their groups for performing at concerts. These groups are popularly known as the Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers. They have performed at a range of shows and concerts. Moreover, they have also released few CDs and DVDs, where you can check the latest performances by their groups.
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Kagemusha Taiko, England

The Kagemusha Taiko runs regular Taiko workshop and courses at the Taiko Centre. This centre is located at Seale Hayne; a rural area in the south-west of England. The Taiko Centre is a large studio with lots of drums of various sizes. There are workshops for beginners, training programs by experienced teachers, as well as family fun sessions held on a regular basis. They also host running workshops where some of the famous international Taiko players visit and participate. All of this has a great impact on the UK Taiko community as a whole.
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Planet Drum, London

Since ten years, Planet Drum has been offering classes to one-on-one drummers or for a group across the towns of London. They teach students for each level i.e. beginners to experts. They even hold group workshops for new students so that they get attracted to the art form of Taiko. Planet Drum has also hosted numerous drumming concerts and educational events for several music venues.
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Elephant Drums, London

Located in South London, Elephant Drums is a specialist drum teaching studio that offers drum courses and lessons for numerous students. They also organize community drumming events and band workshops. They teach all drumming styles, from beginners to advanced levels. If you are unable to attend their ongoing courses due to time constraints, then don’t forget to inquire about the flexible courses that they offer to suit everyone’s schedule and budget.
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Taiko Meantime, Greenwich

Founded in the year 2001, Taiko Meantime teaches the traditional Japanese rhythms and techniques to their students. They also teach some of the complex art form of the Gagakki and Okedo. Mostly, they hold their classes outside London, but if there is a lot of demand for their course, then they humble accept teaching those curious students. They have also performed at the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics, thus earned a lot of reputation and popularity.
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The basic Taiko drumming is suitable for all ages, skill levels, and fitness levels. It is not as hard as you might think to get started. So, don’t let anything stop you from learning this amazing art form of music and dance.