How to Play Taiko Drums?

Taiko drumming is a thrilling experience as it is a combination of movement, energy and rhythm. Drummers enjoy every bit of this experience as it is fun to play and a good exercise too. It also helps in developing coordination and rhythm in your body.
There is no single way to play the Taiko drums because there are plenty of styles. While learning to play the Taiko drums it is important that everyone learns the basics by understanding the Bachi drumstick grip, to using the “ki” energy while playing them. This article will teach you the step-by-step process of a single form of playing the Taiko drums.

  1. Holding the Bachi drumstick in the right manner is very important. The grip should neither be too loose nor too firm. It should be in such a manner that the Bachi can move easily. So, start your session with laying the drumsticks on the ground.
  2. Then pick up the Bachi drumstick with your fingers while wrapping them around the Bachi. The first finger should be a little higher up the stick so that you have formed a perfect grip on it. Also, your first finger and thumb should form a ‘V’ shape. Make sure that the grip is not very tight as in that case you will not be able to play the drums for a long time. The grip should be just tight enough that the Bachi drumstick does not fall out of your hand.
  3. The position in which you stand is important so stand with your feet slightly wider. Your knees should be bent, and your back should be straight. Shoulders should be relaxed, and the movement of your body should be smooth.
  4. Your arms should be in the ready position, and your entire body should be relaxed. You should stand at a comfortable distance from the drums, and the Bachi drumstick should be just able to reach the middle of the drums.
  5. It’s time to strike on the drums! You don’t have to put in a lot of pressure while drumming as it will make you tired. Just relax and play, so that you can enjoy the entire process of Taiko drumming. Your elbow should only go up and down and not forwards and backwards. There should be a circular movement coming from the forearm.
  6. You should not force the Bachi drumstick down, but let the gravity do the work. Use very less energy so that you can drum for a longer period. Also, ensure that you do not leave the tip of the Bachi on the drum skin after hitting as this will kill the sound. And, you obviously won’t want that to happen!

With a little patience, hard work, and dedication you will be able to learn the art of Taiko drumming. Keep practicing and you will get perfect very soon! Even an experienced percussionist enjoys playing Taiko drums. It is an art that everyone loves to do, so keep drumming and you will surely end up learning the different styles of playing Taiko drums.