Review Of Taiko Drum Master Online Game!

The Taiko Drum Master is an amazing online game created by Namco that gives you the feel of playing the traditional Japanese Taiko drums with sticks. So, with the help of an online game, the Japanese culture and traditions are kept alive across the world. The game invites players to learn Taiko drumming by using a miniature Taiko controller that can be attached to the PlayStation console.

Once the players clear new stages or levels, they earn points. These new stages can be completed when they correctly tap to the rhythm of the selected song with the help of the Taiko Controller. The game has gained such a lot of popularity in Japan that it was released in the US too. Later on, the US shipped back their version of Taiko Drum Master by adding numerous English songs and music from around the world.

The game also involves three mini-games, which can be played solo or against a friend. These games are the Fireworks Festival, Reach the Helicopter and the Watermelon Eating Contest of which the lengthiest one is Reach the Helicopter. All these mini-games are great fun for all age groups. It is the best game to be enjoyed in short meal breaks or while having a tiny break from work. The game is perfect for those who enjoy listening to music or love playing the drums.

To make the game all the more easier and interesting, Namco has created the game in such a way that some of the important aspects can be edited as per the requirements of the player:

  • Instead of the traditional Taiko drum, players can select an alternative instrument to play.
  • The speeds of the notes can be increased, reversed, or randomized as per the player’s choice.
  • The song can be ended early or as soon as one note is missed by them.
  • To reach new levels quickly, they can have the note chart played automatically.

So, with these gaming options, the players can certainly make a lot of changes in the game. It is not necessary that the person who is good in the game is good at the traditional art form of Taiko. Even though it is a fun game to learn the basic dos and don’ts, but it certainly requires a lot of practice to master the art. After all, an online game is not going to teach the traditional forms or techniques of the real art.

So, if you like the Taiko Drum Master online game then you can try your hands on the traditional art form of dance and music. Taiko drumming will surely entice you and may become your favorite pastime. Moreover, it will even provide immense knowledge about the Japanese cultures and rituals. All you need to do is look out for the perfect Taiko learning classes near your residence. Probably, you will be able to learn and experience the combination of energy and rhythm, and start enjoying the game to the fullest. Until then, you always have your favorite Taiko Drum Master online game to entertain you.