2014 World Taiko Gathering

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When: July 17 – 20, 2014

Where: Little Tokyo, downtown Los Angeles, CA

What: Workshops, concerts, and much more!

Who: Taiko drummers from all over the world are invited!

How: Funded by the National Endowment for the Arts, the City of Los Angeles, Dept. of Cultural Affairs, the Los Angeles County Arts Commission, Robert Hori, Asano Taiko U.S., Miyamoto Unosuke Shoten, and Japan Foundation Los Angeles. Supported in part by Kodo Arts Sphere America, Sign-a-Rama Santa Monica, and Yojie Japanese Fondue.

Why: To bring the worldwide taiko community together

Registration: is closed. If you registered, see you soon!

22 thoughts on “2014 World Taiko Gathering

    1. BryanBryan

      Hi Naoko, we are working out the fees and total budget now, but we are trying to keep it the same as past NATCs, so probably $275 per participant. Keep checking back, as we will be updating this site weekly!

  1. anna

    Is there any chance of organising some sort of communal accommodation, for example. is there any empty university student accommodation nearby?

    1. BryanBryan

      hi Anna, we’ll look into it and when we have some housing options confirmed, we’ll post it on this site! There will likely be a few hotel options as well in the Little Tokyo area–

  2. Margaret McK

    Egad, Bryan….I thought you were cured of organizing taiko conferences. Seriously, awesome news – congrats and good luck!

    1. BryanBryan

      haha, indeed, I’m having a relapse. Actually, Maz will be doing most of the main coordinating and I’ll be doing more of the behind-the-scenes paperwork and so forth. Hope some of the Hinode folks can come out!

  3. Karen Nakashima

    Hope to get a chance to go which this will be my first time attending a Taiko conference :)

    1. MazMaz

      Hello Diane. As of now, we think 8-16 is the appropriate age range for the youth program. Spectators are welcome, but there will most likely be an “observer fee”. The fee is yet to be discussed.

  4. Lisa Fox

    I am not a drummer but love to listen and watch … can I come purely as a spectator and if so, how much will it be?

    I hope I am able to come


  5. Sarah Lin-Aamodt

    When can we sign up for the workshops? I already registered for the conference and I am anxious to get in the workshops that I’d love to attend. How many can we sign up for?
    Thank you again for the hardwork and effort getting the conference ready for us. We r so loking forward to seeing all taiko players…

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